Tranquil and elegant plant on clean white desk
Tranquil and elegant plant on clean white desk

Evaluation Services

The Psychology Center's highly experienced psychologists provide psychological evaluations for ADHD, learning and career assessment, pre-employment and fitness for duty, custody and divorce, as well as various forensic evaluations.

Our Goal

Our goal is to assist others in making decisions which are fair to the individual, in the best interest of their community, and consistent with legal statutes. Our evaluators are all licensed psychologists with advanced assessment training, typically through the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. We employ the most highly developed assessment tools in our field. As a result, our independent experts offer high quality, empirically-based findings and recommendations for making critical decisions.

Who We Serve

Families use our services for identifying disabilities, making educational and career plans, and caring for elderly or disabled family members.
Schools work with us to identify learning problems of students and to make the appropriate educational accommodations and plans.
Human Services
Human Services professionals can set up court-ordered evaluations for child abuse and neglect cases, and juvenile offenders.
Attorneys can seek child custody studies and clinical evaluations to assist in their representation of clients.
City, County and State Government Agencies
City, County and State Government Agencies are able to receive assistance in selecting the most qualified candidates and determining if impaired employees need time away from work or when they are ready to return to work.